Mobile Training Team (MTT)


Mobile Training is a course, workshop or a seminar conducted by the Public Affairs Regional Centre (PARC) training team at an offsite location upon a specific request of a governmental or eligible organization. Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) are designed to provide users with an established resident PARC course or tailored course upon request at their location. MTTs are typically more cost effective for an organization where there is a large group requiring training, thereby saving travel and per diem costs.

Conducted by the PARCs Certified Media Trainers, MTTs are supplementary to resident PARC courses and are arranged to meet the specific needs of a requesting organization.

Recent engagement of PARCs MTTs for:

  • KFOR
  • SEEBRIG (Nucleus staff)
  • Balkan Medical Task Force (BMTF)
  • Ministry of Defence and Defence Forces of Georgia
  • Ministry of Defence of Montenegro
  • International Summer Campus (Military academy)