Frequently asked questions

PARC provides free accommodation for all international participants within its own capacities (single and twin bed rooms with toilette and showers). All rooms within the centre are equipped with air-condition, mini fridge, TV and Wi-Fi. PARC can also assist in booking hotel rooms in Skopje for those participants that choose this type of accommodation on their own cost.

Visa acquisition is your own (national) responsibility. Once accepted to a course, PARC will provide you, upon your request, with a confirmation letter for course attendance may be required for your visa application. PARC is not in a position to enter into contact with the relevant Republic of North Macedonia authorities nor to influence their decisions.

Formalities may differ depending on your nationality. A list of entry procedures for each nationality is available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of North Macedonia website. For more information, please visit

These requirements will be communicated to you by the course coordinators accordingly.

All international courses in PARC are conducted in English. No translation is provided.

Upon completion of the course participants receive a PARC certificate for successfully completed course.

PARC trains national and international PA personnel (not only from the Armed forces and the Ministries of Defense but also from other State administration institutions) to develop their Communication skills and techniques and to provide them with the necessary expertise in Public Affairs which will enable them to deal successfully with the Media in peace-time, during crisis and when deployed in operations.

We are organizational part of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of North Macedonia. Moreover, since 2013 PARC is a member of the Partnership Training and Education Centre’s Network (PTEC) and is open for all NATO, PfP, MD, ICI and Global Partner countries.


For more important information, please contact us