In cooperation and support by the Clingendael Institute from the Netherlands, the Public Affairs Regional Centre in the period from 27 February till 01 March, conducted the Intercultural Communication Course. Target audience for this training were communicators in the defense and in the Army, as well as from other state institutions, including the Government and the President's office.

At the opening of the Course the State Secretary in the Ministry of defense, Vladimir Anchev stated the achieved significant results in the area of openness and transparency, acknowledging the need for proactivity and the need of the public to be informed about the activities of the Ministry.

"We have made exceptional progress in strengthening our strategic communications capabilities. The policy for strategic communications has already been adopted, and we continue further with setting and advancing our communication goals in accordance with the Ministry's Communication Strategy," said Anchev.

"As part of the NATO Alliance, we understand and immensely appreciate the cultural differences of our partners. In addition, we strongly recognize the importance of effective communication between all member states. Effective intercultural communication exists only when we fully understand mutual differences and successfully adapt to them", Anchev concluded in his address at the opening of the Course

The Intercultural Communication Course fits perfectly into the efforts for further development and improvement of government communicators because in today's global social and professional environment, good intercultural communication skills are essential and are one of the key factors for successful work in any multinational organization.