Strengthening PARCs preventive capacities in tackling disinformation


The Public Affairs Regional Centre, in line with the efforts to strengthen its preventive capacities in tackling disinformation, in the period from 18-20 April conducted the "Tackling disinformation and building resilience course". The course was intended for communicators from the USA-Adriatic Charter and Graz format countries. The aim of the course was to raise awareness of the harmful impact of misinformation on democratic societies and the challenges of democracy, as well as the importance of increasing the level of media literacy. In addition, during the course, participants had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of cyber security, but also to acquire skills in using online tools for analytical processing of information by introducing the most effective ways to detect disinformation. The course was conducted in English, and delivered by nationally renowned lecturers and experts in the field such as from the Office of the President, the Ministry of Defense, the Military Academy, Non-Governmental Organizations, as well as by the PARCs certified media trainers.