Empowering NATO and Partner PAOs for Success in International Operations


The Public Affairs Regional Centre has once again solidified its role as an essential education and training hub for NATO and Partners' Public Affairs Personnel. From October 16th to 20th, the center hosted the NATO selected "Public Affairs in International Operations" course, which brought together fourteen military and civilian professionals. This dedicated group came from various fields, all eager to acquire and hone their communication skills for the effective organization and utilization of Public Affairs in international contexts.

The course welcomed participants from eight different NATO and Partner countries, including Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Latvia, Hungary, and North Macedonia. Over the intensive 5-day program, attendees delved deep into the intricacies of organizing Public Affairs in international operations and delved into the challenges posed by cultural differences when it comes to effective communication within a multinational environment.

Throughout the course, participants received valuable insights into the inner workings of the NATO Media Information Centre. They also explored the profound impact of social media, techniques for media monitoring and analysis, strategies for countering misinformation campaigns, disinformation debunking, and methods for identifying internet trolls. Moreover, the course provided ample opportunities for participants to enhance their practical skills, especially when it comes to on-camera exposure. These practical exercises were built around realistic scenarios, ensuring that the knowledge gained would be directly applicable.

Upon successful completion of the final course exam, participants were awarded a Certificate, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to enhancing their capabilities in the realm of Public Affairs within international operations.