PARC’s training and education promoted at NATO in Brussels


The annual Partnership Training and Education Centre (PTEC) Marketplace took place on 29 November 2018 at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. High-level representatives from 23 PTEC from around the world met to exchange expertise, forge new links and discuss further synergies in the key domain of military education and training.

PARC has been an active member of the PTEC community since 2013. PTECs consists of 32 nationally or multi-nationally sponsored education and training institutions which are united under a single concept that is endorsed by the North Atlantic Council and recognized by NATO.

PARC promoted training opportunities for 2019 including Mobile Training Teams which generated a lot of interest, requested by NATO as a single PTEC specialized for education and training in public affairs.

NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller, Chairman of the Military Committee Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach and NATO School Oberammergau Deputy Commandant Colonel Joachim Schreckinger opened the event. They highlighted PTEC’s proactive engagement in implementing NATO’s large spectrum of priorities, including the education of Afghan civilian and military officials, building integrity, gender in military operations, contribution to peace support disciplines, cultural awareness and crisis management, as well as the Alliance’s increased cooperation with the European Union and the United Nations.

Through your courses, specific programmes, and expertise, students from across our partnership network have gained important skills and knowledge. This enables them to contribute to regional confidence building, to spur innovation, and to exchange ideas and best practices,
 - said Deputy Secretary General Gottemoeller. 

The Marketplace offers a great opportunity for the Partnership Training and Education Centres (PTEC) to promote upcoming courses and activities, education and training achievements, and to broaden and strengthen the international network.